'RHONJ' Star's Audi Involved In A Gruesome Double Homicide

'RHONJ' Star's Audi Involved In A Gruesome Double Homicide
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How's this for a terrifying situation?

A car belonging to Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kim DePaola has reportedly been found abandoned and burned, with two charred bodies inside.

The story goes, an Audi registered to DePaola was found by Paterson, New Jersey police. The vehicle had been torched, along with two dead bodies inside. Those bodies have since been identified as males, and both where shot in the head execution-style, but that’s all investigators can confirm at this point.

People living near the scene of the crime reported that they heard two gunshots, then saw the car light up. Firefighters were forced to cut open the roof of the vehicle to remove the bodies. The situation is, obviously, being investigated as a double homicide.

So how is DePaola tied up in all this? The vehicle in question, while registered under her name, is primarily used by her son Chris.

He, however, is out of town. His friend Aaron Anderson dropped him off at the airport using the Audi. And while Anderson wasn’t supposed to be driving the vehicle around without Chris, his parents haven’t been able to reach him since the incident.

Police haven’t released much information, but they are reportedly looking into whether drugs were a motivation for the crime.

Meanwhile, DePaola posted a note of thanks to her fans on Instagram:

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