'Pretty Little Liars' Star Troian Bellisario Gets Personal In New Film About Anorexia

Troian bellisario

We all knew she could act, but did you know she was a writer as well?

Troian Bellisario has written, produced, and will star in a new movie about a subject close to her heart: anorexia.

"I sat down and I wrote a version of my own story,” says Bellisario. “It’s not the exact events, but what I wanted to do with the film was get the audience to understand what it sounds like and what it feels like to be struggling with that illness.”

This new project, titled Feed, will be based heavily on Bellisario’s own battle with anorexia. The story was written years ago, before her PLL days, but apparently the timing was right now to create the movie.

"I struggled with anorexia for many years and one of the most difficult things about that was it was very tough for me to explain to my family and friends why it was so hard for me to disengage with that," she’d explain. “It’s not a disease you can see, you just hear something in your head that tells you not to eat — for many, many different reasons for different people."

Feed co-stars Tom Felton of Harry Potter fame, and is not the first time Bellisario has talked openly about her struggles with the eating disorder. Last year she released a clip discussing the need for open-minded health care for mental issues:

But needless to say, this new film will be the biggest statement she’s made yet. "I’m really, really proud of [Feed]. I’m very excited to share it with people."

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