Sarah Palin & Kid Rock DISRESPECT Hillary Clinton During White House Visit, And The Internet Is PISSED

sarah palin kid rock ted nugget

You’d think that visitors to the White House would show a little bit of class and respect – you’d be wrong.

Sarah Palin, Kid Rock and Ted Nugent were guests at 1600 Penn recently, and they behaved just like snotty children.

It’s not entirely surprising, really, given the man who now lives there has a habit of tweeting about petty rivalries when he’s supposed to be running the country. So how respectful can you expect his guests to be?

The trio of visitors took a number of photos during their evening with the President. This one, showing two of the ugliest hats in creation next to Trump’s horrific hair, is insulting in and of itself:

But the picture that has the internet calling foul today is this one, taken in front of a picture of former Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton:

The three can be seen posing in a manner that’s blatantly disrespectful to the former Senator. Nugent is doing a “get outta here” thumb, Palin looks like she just ate something sour while pointing at the portrait, and… well, we’re not sure Kid Rock is doing, but nobody likes his pose either.

Maybe you can give the rockers a pass on acting like children, but Palin’s a career politician and formerly made a run at the Vice Presidency herself; she should know better.

It took about 3 seconds for Twitter to call B.S. on the photo, and they’ve been absolutely savage towards the trio for posting the pic:

The general consensus is obvious: Hillary is a living legend. Palin & Co. can’t hold a candle to her. Go back to Alaska.

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