Paris Hilton's Boyfriend Surprised Her With A MASSIVE Disney-Themed Tattoo In Her Honor

paris tattoo

We really, really, really hope this relationship works out..

Paris Hilton’s boyfriend decided to pay tribute to his lady love in a seriously permanent, seriously questionable way by getting her name massively tattooed on his forearm!

Hey, we get it. You’re in love and things are going well and you want to show commitment to your partner. Chris Zylka, this was a sweet thought.

But… just… really? And did you have to rip off the Disney font to do it?

Paris is obviously all about the new ink, captioning her IG post, “My love surprised me & got my name tattooed in Disney font. Cause I’m his most magical place on Earth & he finally found his fairy tale princess. #BoyfriendGoals #ParisForever.”

Well no duh she’s stoked on it. Look at that monster!

“Happy Anniversary my love!” she’d write in a separate post (note that they’ve not been dating a full year yet, so it can’t be an anniversary & how.the.HELL. do you get this ink before the one year mark?!) “Thank you for making me feel like a Disney Princess every single day.”

Again, this is definitely cute and a lovely gesture and we’re so excited that these two are head over heels for eachother.

Just make sure Chris never hears about what happened with Johnny Depp’s “Winona” tat. And that one was wayyyyy smaller than this. 

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