Kim Kardashian Lets Cash Me Ousside Girl Pose For A Pic Even Though She Trash Talked Kylie!

kim kardashian danielle bregoli

This is what it looks like when worlds collide!

Even though the "Cash Me Ousside" girl's been throwing mad shade at the Kardashians, Kim just agreed to take a picture with her!

It sounds like both Kim and Danielle were dining at the Beverly Hills Hotel, sitting just a few tables away from one another. Someone who knew both of them made the introduction, and even though Kim had been denying photos to everyone else, she made an exception for Cash Me Ousside.

Which is interesting. Because in case you missed it, Bregoli talked a lot of trash about the Kardashian Klan a few months back. She took aim at Kylie Jenner’s figure first, saying, “How do you go from lips the size of a twig and a body that looks like a f**king paperclip and now you look like hourglass?” And just a few days later, when asked if she was worried about Kylie’s reaction, Bregoli replied, “Who she gonna come back at? B***h, I ain't scared of her… I'll whip every Kardashian ass there is.”

So had Kim heard those comments, odds are she would have been much less inclined to pose for a snap. But it turns out Kim didn’t even know who Bregoli was, so she definitely had no idea about the fist fight invitation.

After she skyrocketed to fame, Bregoli moved to L.A. with her mom and is reportedly now shooting a reality show and recording an album. She’s also in the midst of some legal trouble, as she just pled guilty to multiple criminal charges including grand theft auto (stealing her mom’s car) and filing a false police report (claiming her mom was on drugs).

You can see why Danielle and her mom are perfect for reality TV! 

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