Kendall Jenner Is In Trouble Again After Appropriating Asian Culture & Getting Sued For Her Hip Hop T-Shirts

kendall jenner

The controversies just keep on coming for Kendall Jenner. This time she’s managed to cause offense with a $150 purse, and is now being sued for stealing photos of rappers for T-shirts.

Let’s start with the lawsuit. This started a while back, when both Kendall and Kylie revealed a line of tees that featured their images superimposed over several iconic shots of musicians, including Biggie, Ozzy Osbourne and Tupac. Can you think of three names less synonymous with the Jenners?

While the shirts — retailing for $125 — were quickly pulled off digital shelves, that hasn’t stopped everyone involved with the pirated images attacking and bashing the sisters. This most recent lawsuit comes from the photographer who took the iconic shot of Biggie, Tupac, and Redman, which Kendall though could be improved with a neon rendering of her face.

Teen Vogue / Saks

And now we have the more expensive & equally egregious purse. You can tell what it’s supposed to be modeled after — those Chinese take-out boxes that sit in your fridge for way too long. Except this time, the words on the side read “KK Express — Los Angeles, CA” and, at $150, you probably don’t want to store your lo mein in it.

But while the appropriation is obvious, the more glaring error is what they decided to name the bag: “Lee Leather Clutch,” a far too obvious reference to a common Asian name.

While they’re unlikely to get sued for this one, it’s just another excuse for the public to bash the sisters. But hey, maybe Kendall can just fix it with a Pepsi? 

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