Secret Docs Reveal Kanye West's Alleged Outrageous Drug & Alcohol Habits That Could Cost Him Millions

kanye west

It’s kind of surprising to think that Kanye’s meltdown on tour was nearly 10 months ago, but that doesn’t mean the drama is over.

Sources are claiming that emails between the rapper’s lawyers and the Saint Pablo tour insurer reveal West was on a scary amount of substances in the days leading up to the now infamous freak out.

To get you up to speed, there’s an ongoing battle between Kayne’s people and his tour insurance company, Lloyd’s of London, about how much he’s owed for the cancellation of the 2016 Saint Pablo Tour. Ye had insurance, which required he still be paid if he couldn’t complete all his dates for medical reasons, and that his involuntary commitment to UCLA for psychiatric problems definitely qualifies.

So the idea that Kanye was on all sorts of uppers and downers would definitely affect his payday. And according to this new source, he was on a constant combination of liquid marijuana, 2cb (like Ecstasy), Valium, Percocet and Demerol.

Does Demerol sound familiar? That’s because it’s what Michael Jackson was addicted to before his 2009 death. It’s an extremely intense painkiller shot and, in combination with the rest of that drug cocktail, not the best idea.

In addition to those claims, there’s supposedly video somewhere of Kanye bragging on camera about taking two pops of Percocet (another pain killer) at a time. And the rapper’s own legal team is admitting that he drank something unidentified just a few days before being hospitalized because he believed it was "liquid marijuana."

Yeezy’s currently after $10 million owed from Lloyd’s. If all these stories are legit it could Ye millions.

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