Black Man Dies In A NOLA Jail Hours After Speaking To His Mother On the Phone

jason pierce

Less than two days after being booked and just a few hours after speaking to his mother on the phone, 40-year old Jason Pierce died in a New Orleans prison.

Jason was arrested on suspicion of simple burglary into a trailer. Police said they’d identified him off security footage, but as he was taken from his mother’s home (where he lived with two of his four children) he denied the charges.

It was the next day when he spoke to mom Peggy again. That phone call ended with Jason once again assuring her, “It's not me. I promise you.”

“OK son,” replied Peggy, “We’ll get through this.”

That was the last time they ever spoke. Hours after that call, around midnight, Jason was rushed out of his “housing unit” with an apparent seizure. He died in the hospital just 30 hours after being booked.

“No, no! Not Jason,” was Peggy’s understandably heartbroken response to the news, which had to be delivered by her daughter.

"Everyone who knew him said he had a loving heart," Peggy would tell reporters of her son. "I know every mother thinks their child is loving, but he really did have a loving heart."

The prison has already launched an investigation into the incident. Jason didn’t have a history of seizures, and the prison holding him has seen 6 deaths since it opened less than 2 years ago. 

But no one’s out-and-out calling the death suspicious – yet. Stay tuned, because it certainly sounds fishy to us!

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