'It Is What It Is': Floyd Mayweather Is Not Letting Conor McGregor's Racism Get Under His Skin

conor mcgregor floyd mayweather

The rest of the world may be pissed at Conor McGregor, but Floyd Mayweather, the man who should be insulted, is saying no harm no foul. 

In case you missed their first joint press conference, MMA champ McGregor started taunting Mayweather while he was shadowboxing, shouting loudly into a microphone, “Dance for me, boy!”

Obviously the entire world called B.S. for the racial undertones of the comment. But it seems like neither of the Mayweather men took it all that personally.

Floyd’s dad was the first to defend Conor, saying, “Racist? I don't know what that got to do with race.” He quickly followed that up with, “This is a boxing match. I don't know what that got to do with no racists."

And too bad if you find that defense a little hollow, because it’s almost exactly what his undefeated son is now saying.

“We all know there's only 2 types of boys -- a white boy and a cowboy -- and I'm neither," joked Floyd before finally answering in earnest. “Racism still exists but you know, I try to take something negative and turn it into something positive.”

OK, so Floyd at least understands the situation, and it also seems he knows about McGregor’s long history of bringing up race with opponents. “A lot of people say that Conor McGregor is racist but I'm not worried about that."

“It is what it is. He's entitled to feel how he wants to feel,” he added. “I just want to stay in my zone and stay focused."

So it sounds like everyone in Mayweather’s camp is on the same page: let Conor run his mouth, and let Mayweather’s hands do the talking come fight night.

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