Florida Teens Raised More Than $57,000 To Support Homeless Classmates & You Can Help Too

im a star foundation
Im A Star Foundation/Youtube

Here’s a feel-good story for you!

Thirty-five middle and high school students are volunteering with the I’m A Star Foundation to raise money for their city’s homeless students, and so far they’ve racked up a staggering $57,000!

There are around 2,700 homeless teens in Jacksonville, Florida. The aim of this foundation is to help those students have the same chances as their more fortunate peers.

One of the ways they do that is by holding 5k walks, phone-a-thons, and other such events. The next one coming up is a celebrity basketball game, which is promoted in the clip below:

The money raised goes to things like school supplies and bus passes for less fortunate teens, but also bigger chunks have been cut for scholarships; 14 have been handed out to students in recent years. One of those went to Sabon, the star of that video.

“I received $2,000,” Sabon said in the clip. “And now I am a college student studying highway and transportation engineering.” That’s a far cry from his days of being homeless on the streets of Jacksonville, carrying all of his books every day in his backpack. All that change for just two grand.

You can learn more about I’m A Star here. These kids just go to show that a little effort can make a real difference!

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