Source Claims John Legend & Chrissy Teigen Are In Relationship Trouble & Currently In Counseling

john legend chrissy teigen

No. No no no NOOOOOOOOO.

A source just dished that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have been in marriage counseling for the past SIX months!

These quotes are grim. According to the source, the two, “are having real marriage problems,” so much so that, “they have been in marriage counseling for the last six months.”

“They’re fighting nonstop,” the insider added. Ugh.

It sounds like Chrissy has been having some issues post-birth. Her struggle with postpartum depression is documented, and apparently her drinking habits are also causing a fair amount of stress.

Don’t give up hope yet though -- it’s not all bad news. “They’re trying very hard to make their marriage work.” That’s probably for love, of course, but also because the two share 17-month old Luna, who’s the cutest thing Instagram has ever seen.

Legend and Teigen are one of Hollywood’s most popular couples, which makes the sting of this news even worse. We just lost Chris Pratt and Anna Faris – we can’t lose John and Chrissy too!

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