Celebrities Fight Back: See Which Stars Are Leading The Movement Against Trump's Muslim Ban

Celebrities Fight Back: See Which Stars Are Leading The Movement Against Trump's Muslim Ban
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Say what you want about Trump, but he is definitely bringing celebrities together.

Seemingly, every star of stage and screen has cried out against the executive order banning Muslims of seven different countries from traveling to the United States, with many of those A-listers actively protesting and making donations to various non-profits.

It would genuinely be easier to make a list of celebrities who haven’t spoken up about the immigration ban.

After Trump signed the order Friday night, travelers from the listed countries were effectively shut out of the United States, whether they had a legal right to travel or not. There are dozens of stories of families and students who’d been waiting years to come to the US, but now, despite having gone through the long and expensive legal process, are being told no.

This didn’t sit well with Hollywood. Celebrities were all over social media expressing their outrage.

A number of stars made significant donations to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). That organization was largely responsible for getting a federal judge to declare part of Trump’s ban unconstitutional, as well as securing entry into the country for several foreigners who’d been in the air when the order was signed.

There was also a huge outpouring of support for Lyft. What happened was, as soon as the ban was announced, New York cab drivers boycotted JFK by refusing to service the airport. Uber drivers broke that picket line, so to speak, and were promptly bashed for the decision on social media.

That’s when Lyft stepped in and announced they’d be donating $1,000,000 to the ACLU over the next four years. The combination of those two events spurred many to delete Uber and become Lyft users.

And while this huge outpouring of anger was likely at its strongest over the first few days, don’t expect Hollywood to stop protesting anytime soon.

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