Adele Keeps A Secret Twitter Account Exclusively For Stalking And "Drunk Tweeting"

Adele Keeps A Secret Twitter Account Exclusively For Stalking And "Drunk Tweeting"

Adele isn’t allowed to use Adele’s Twitter account.

Apparently the songstress has had her right to tweet taken away by her management team – but she just revealed that she has a secret account that she uses for “drunk tweeting.”

Part of Adele’s charm is how normal she seems. She’s funny, self-deprecating, and as weird as the rest of us.

Well apparently that relatability extends to her social media habits. The story goes, her management team revoked her right to use her own account because, according to her, “I was, like, drunk tweeting, and nearly put my foot in it quite a few times.”

These days, two different team members have to approve whatever she wants to put on the official account. When you’re a record-shattering multi-platinum artist, you’ve got to protect that brand. She insists she writes everything that goes onto that account, but it apparently needs multiple filters before making it to her fan’s eyeballs.

That said, Adele still needs an outlet for her less-PC thoughts, and she’s come up with a creative little workaround. She just announced to an Australian crowd, “I was looking on Twitter last night. They don’t know I have a secret account. Well obviously they do now because I said that. By ‘they’ I mean my management.”

Sneaky, sneaky.

Predictably, the internet promptly lost its mind, and now the great hunt for Adele’s undercover Twitter account has begun.

But seriously, how epic would it be if this secret account’s bio read, “Hello from the other side?"

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